Weekend Programs

Second B.O.A.C (Big Outdoor Adventure Camp) Weekend Program Running in December 2017!

This program will combine 6 young participants with 6-8 young adult volunteers for an outdoor recreational camp held in September. BOACs allow us to work closely with a smaller group of teenage campers, who have shown great potential, and are approaching a time in their lives where the decisions they make could have long-lasting effects. We will provide a taste of real camping, with fishing, canoeing, bike riding and camp cooking, for those campers who could benefit from some extra emotional and social support through the school term.

  • Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.
  • 1:1 ratio of participants to leaders
  • All meals, accommodation and activity costs included
  • Staff and trained volunteers present at all times

Have you heard of BOAC?

BOAC stands for Big Outdoor Adventure Camp!
Our BOACs occur over the weekend (Friday afternoon - Sunday afternoon), and involve a small group hand picked teenagers, and a skilled group of volunteers hanging out in a National Park, roasting marshmellows, fishing and doing special activities we can't run on our usual week-long camps.

Applications are currently open for our next BOAC: March 16 - 18.
If you've volunteered on a week-long camp before, you are eligible to attend this special program. Click the big green button below to read more about BOAC and to apply for a position!
Apply for our March BOAC