Picnic Days


Picnic Days are designed to reunite children and volunteers after each unique program around a month after the end of camp. These days generally include a fun activity like Outdoor Laser Tag (Hero Laser Tag), or an awesome Jumping Castle (Sydney Jumping Castles), and give everyone an opportunity to catch up, have some fun, and encourage everyone to sign up and come back for another Eddie Rice Camp next holidays! 

We are always looking for fun, discounted activities to offer our campers, so if you are able to provide this, or have some suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact our staff! 

Emily Banks - 0439 900 832 (NSW Programs Officer)

Bethany Scott - 0447 583 470 (NSW Executive Officer)


Don't forget about Picnic Day!

Our Picnic Day is on Sunday 25 of Feburary, and it's an excellent chance to see all the wonderful children and volunteers from camp! If you attended a January camp, it's expected that you attend Picnic Day. If you unfortunately missed out on a January camp, but would still love the opportunity to see some of your favorite kids, you are of course still welcome to attend.
Sign up for Picnic Day!