Conditions of Placement

Please read the following information relating to camps conducted by Edmund Rice Camps (ERC).  A signed copy, signifying acceptance of these conditions and a belief on the case worker’s (or carer’s) part that the child seeking placement is suited to ERC programs, forms part of each application form for an Edmund Rice Camp.

 1. Edmund Rice Camps are coordinated by staff members and run by volunteers, principally aged 16 to 30. All Volunteers are trained and screened by Edmund Rice Camps, but do not hold specific qualifications to this field.

 2. All information which may affect the behaviour of the child on the camp, including their interaction with Volunteers and other participants within the age range of the camp, must be forwarded with the application.

 3. Transport of the child to and from the designated pick up and drop off point, at the commencement and conclusion of the camp, is not the responsibility of Edmund Rice Camps.  Arrangements can be made with the office if needed.

 4. The caseworker or carer’s contact phone number, both during business hours and after hours, is to be provided with the application.

 5. Should a child need to leave camp, due to illness or inappropriate behaviour, it is the agency/carer’s responsibility to provide transport.

 6. The child is experiencing disadvantage or marginalisation through financial, social, or emotional situations.

 7. Edmund Rice Camps reserves the right to accept or reject any application based on the best possible match between applicants and the skills of the Volunteers for a particular camp

 8. It is the agency’s / care’s responsibility to ensure that the child has appropriate clothing and equipment for the camp. ERC must be notified in advance if extra clothing and/or equipment is needed.